COWBOY SOUL by Howard Feigenbaum

COWBOY SOUL by Howard Feigenbaum

It’s the way you say, “Thank you, ma’am,”        

And the way you tip your hat,

It’s how you know right from wrong

That tells me where you’re at 


Your spine of steel, your heart of gold

The way you get the tough jobs done,

You calmly play the hand you’re dealt,

You’re America’s native son.

Your truth is plain and simple,

Your arms are open wide,

The stranger at the bunkhouse door

Is welcomed to come inside.


You read the wind, you smell the rain

You’re connected to the earth,

You love, respect and honor

The nation of your birth.

Years of work show on your hands

And in the creases on your face,

The pride you find in daily toil

Adds dignity and grace.


A friend who comes when called,

Staying ‘til the end,

You like to handle heartbreak

By helping fences mend.

When storm clouds start to gather

You know they won’t last long,

Your eyes still have a twinkle

And your lips will sing a song.

If we no longer see you

You’re not too hard to find,

Cowboy Soul will live forever

In our heart and in our mind.

THEN AND AGAIN by JoLynne Buehring

THEN AND AGAIN by JoLynne Buehring

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