The Editor's Desk by Ellyn Wolfe

The Editor's Desk by Ellyn Wolfe

It’s summer in California’s Inland Empire and that means abundance – rose bushes explode in fragrant blooms, fruit trees gift us with tasty harvests, and Straitjackets Magazine turns out a fine crop of writing from the members of the Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild.

 Our magazine has a fresh new look that’s crisp, robust and easier to publish - once we get the hang of it, that is. There are a few things still under construction, so bear with us.

The cover page features the stunning art work of Vicki Hitt. Click "Enter" and arrive at the Table of Contents. We’ve added a photographic glimpse into each author’s story or poem, plus a tantalizing quote. Click on the photo or the title to gain access.

Notice the author’s headshot and bio at the bottom of the story. If they have a website, an active link will take you there. If you love the magazine/story/poem and want to share it, click on one of the social media links after the bio and follow the instructions.

Want to see what else our writers have published in Straitjackets Magazine since we began with the new format? Click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page, next to “Straitjackets Magazine”, and type the author’s name. Voila! Return to the current edition by clicking the three lines in the upper left corner (called a “hamburger”), then click “Table of Contents, Summer 2017” and you’re ready for another delightful literary option.

To go to the next literary selection there are three ways to do it - you can either use the hamburger to go back to the Table of Contents, or you can click the arrow in the middle of the right side of the page, or click one of the icons in the column to the right of the story. (Isn't this terrific?)

To read our past edition (Spring 2017), learn About Us, learn how to Contact Us, or Be A Contributor, click the hamburger and make your selection.

There are so many ways to navigate around the site! I don’t want to overwhelm with instructions, so I recommend you explore a bit on your own, and have fun doing it.

My mailbox is always open for your thoughts and suggestions. Please contact me at

Enjoy your magazine!

Ellyn Wolfe

       WILD ONE by Vicki Allen-Hitt

WILD ONE by Vicki Allen-Hitt