THE EDITOR'S DESK  by Ellyn Wolfe

THE EDITOR'S DESK by Ellyn Wolfe

We tried something new with the last issue of Straitjackets— a writing contest that sparked the creative spirit of many DVWG members. So many in fact, that we decided to split the contest into two parts—short story and poetry—then publish the two winners and announce the runners-up.

Robert Norman’s The Old Blue Gate, was fresh and funny and won first place in the short story category. Dennis Conrad’s narrative came in a very close second.

In poetry, Thad Buckley gave us a peek into life on both sides of the gate and took the winner’s circle in poetry. Close behind in second place was Lynette Tucker. 

Congratulations to the winners and a hearty “Thank you!” to all who entered. Another chance to win and be published awaits in this issue. Check the Table of Contents for details.

Be sure to read about the books that have inspired Jim Hitt in My Ten Favorite Books, a column you’ll find in each issue of SJM, written by a different member each time. You’ll also find an assortment of plots, from murder to love to loss and more, so choose a cozy spot to relax and enjoy the creativity of your fellow writers. 

After three years and ten issues of loving and nurturing Straitjackets Magazine, it is with great reluctance that I announce my retirement as managing editor and publisher. The working world called out to me recently, and I answered with an acceptance. This will be my last issue.

Cheryl McGuire, one of our talented editors, is stepping into the managing editor and publisher position. Judie Maré will be her publishing right hand, and JoLynne Buehring will become the communications lead. All three will continue as editors. I will be available as a technical consultant, as needed.

Working with Cheryl, Judie and Jo has been a privilege. We have bonded as a tight editorial family—we laughed together, disagreed and discussed, inspired and learned from each other. I will miss all of you, as well as all our readers and writers.

I close with thanks to the members of the Diamond Valley Writer’s Guild who have supported and made this magazine possible. Please welcome Cheryl, Judie and Jo in their new roles by being an active literary contributor to the magazine.